Galway Town Crier

"Hear ye! Hear ye! Welcome to the official website of Galway City's Town Crier"

who: Liam Silke • phone: +353 86 348 09 58 • email:

A familiar figure on the streets of Galway, Liam Silke can easily be spotted in his role as registered Town Crier in red, black and gold robes, white breeches and tricon hat. And if not in sight, his booming voice and ringing hand bell will announce his arrival! He can be seen leading an official procession, heartily ringing his bell, or simply hitting the town on a sunny Saturday to make outlandish announcements to the delight of tourists and Galwegians alike! No one can escape his good cheer and voluminous character which lights up
the City of the Tribes.

Hire The Galway Town Crier For Your Next Event!

Liam is also involved in the organisation and running of
Murder Mystery weekends and plays a number of wonderful characters to suit any event.

With close links to Go West, who create, plan and manage conferences and special events nationwide, Liam participates in various corporate events and always has his bell close at hand to inform the masses of the latest product, special service or event!

My repertoire includes...Meet-and-Greet for hotels and interactive “network” gatherings, City Heritage Walks, Company-sponsored Treasure Trails.

Also available for...Weddings, Company excursions, Special occasions, Family parties..and Festivities of any nature. All you have to do is get in touch.

I have practiced the art of Town Crier for over 20 years and as you can see from videos & pictures, I continue to entertain & amuse. Upon occasion, I have even incited the odd riot!